This project was from a live brief given by The One Off. The brief was to collaborate two brands together. Being really into music I wanted to host something that would allow the public to experience and explore new genres, artists and bands. 

I researched into a lot of different brands, and their values. Looking at Yamaha and Rough Trade, they shared similar values, which was the perfect platform for my event.

The concept behind the collaboration is to get the public exploring, so the idea is for them to go around the event, listening to the music through the large type dotted around the record player, working as a music timeline, from decade to decade. Each genre would have headphone ports, and each port represents an individual song from that genre. The record player would be playing live music, linked to the Rough trade store situated in Nottingham. Every customer at the store would get a chance to suggest a song to be played and would receive a queue time flyer.

A flyer would be given to every customer who purchases from the Rough Trade shop in Nottingham, Hockley. The customer can request any song they desire, they'll be given a queue time, showing the date and time of when their song will be played in the square.