Screen addiction: how can design make smartphones better for you?

The whole smart phone era hasn't really been around long enough to see the long term effects of how it can really damage us. The one that comes across to me is the fact that we use our small finger to balance and hold the phone, which eventually could it cause arthritis?

Should companies and organisations that are specialised in health effects work together with digital companies? I think if smart phone companies and computer based organisations work together with health and mental illness they could find possible ways to reduce damage by testing colours and on-screen graphics to see what could possibly cause the most damage in the long run.

Interesting read this article and will get you thinking, I hope that there is more action taken with smart phones and the effects, it's a topic that hasn't really been tested for long term effects yet. Maybe in 10 years time we get some results which will help shape us better for the future.

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