A visit to MuseoPicassoMálaga

The visit at the museum was peaceful and very informative. As well as Picasso's work, the museum also displayed London school of art, showing artists like Francis bacon, Leon Kossoff, and Lucian Freud. The audio remotes allowed me to know more about the paints, telling me hidden meanings and a clear understanding of how the artwork was created and what messages are communicated.

My favourite artwork was by Freud, his etching and line drawing was beautiful to look at, seeing small delicate detail that creates a larger image. His portraits are stunning. Frank Auerbach was one of the artist's among the exhibition and his work I could see two multiple images within one painting, like he was trying to paint illusions as well as his main aim.

Visiting this museum in Málaga was a delight and felt drawn to every section of the gallery. The building was a lovely traditional Spanish architecture with had a modernist layout inside. In the centre of the gallery was a lovely courtyard, connecting all the rooms together. What was a nice surprise was the fact that the building itself was on top of a archaeology site dating back the the 7th century. I was lucky enough to see street dating back so long, pottery and old building sites. Seeing this really give me a insight to old Malága and a sense of history.

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