I’m from Middlesbrough, we are known to be the founders of a dish, Chicken Parmesan. A ‘Parmo’, is made from a chicken breast, fried in breadcrumbs, with creamy béchamel sauce, and then grilled with a healthy amount of cheddar cheese.

I know from personal experience, when I’ve tired Chicken Parmo’s from different parts of the UK, they’ve never met up to the Middlesbrough standard.

Mmm' Parmo is about creating a connection to areas of the UK that are unaware of a Chicken Parmesan, and to educate others on how to make one for themselves. Mmm' Parmo is a platform of rating and reviewing Parmo, sharing the newest and best locations, connecting others to new Parmo possibilities.


The website and app work as a social media for Parmo lovers. Users are able to share their own Parmo discoveries, creating an awareness for new locations for Chicken Parmo. Users will be able to socialise through the news feed, for the latest Parmo’s and reviews.

The news feed features ‘Best of the Month’, which showcases the most rated Parmo. Users can receive profile titles from engaging with reviews and ratings, this can develop a competition within the online community.


As a campaign, Mmm' Parmo would do weekend events around major cities of the UK. To create a scene, Mmm' Parmo would attract the attention of the public through stalls in the shape of the classic yellow Parmesan box, referencing to takeaway boxes used in Middlesbrough. Each stall would inform people of what a Parmo consists of, and are able to try one for themselves. For further information, an app and website is advertised on the stall to find out more about Chicken Parmesan and start their own Parmo journey.