AllFinishes is a vision to bringing expert finishing knowledge to the DIY enthusiast. With over 30 years' experience dealing with some of the world's leading paint, wood oil, floor lacquer, abrasives and equipment manufacturers, our pedigree is unequalled. As a result, they consistently offer the highest level of technical advice to the customers. AllFinishes have carefully sourced the very best DIY, professional contractor and industry products from around the world.

A short promo or the AllFinishes showroom which is played on a flatscreen television, on loop during working hours

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Before I begun work with AllFinishes, the product images were very basic and were not very clean. I looked into the current market and competition to see what other paint and oil finishing companies were doing themselves. The only images they had were ones provided by the supplier, which looking into, everyone was using the same imagery and not setting themselves away from each other.


With this information, I create individual images that related to what the user selected on the page, so the tin and background would change to what has been selected, creating an interactive element so the user feels that they are putting together their own unique product for their project. 

Depending on what type of product I was working with, I'd ensure that the background texture was in relation to what location the product could be applied on. For example, Bedec Barn Paint I would use exterior panelling to show the area of use. I would also apply a percentage of gloss to each image, depending on what finish the user selected from matt, satin and gloss.

Product Images


Later on, I found out that the images worked very well with Google Shopping and other platforms like Ebay, as the images stood out against the rest. As mentioned, other companies would use basic images provided by the supplier so nobody would stand out.

Whilst I was on the topic of product images, I also redesigned their corner talkers as seen below. Depending on how many colours were within a range, I would also provide colour examples seen on the areas of which the product can be used. 



I was tasked to help guide the user through the website by creating icons of each category. This is displayed under the homepage banner and tiles.


Product Page 

AllFinishes wanted a product page which was simplified and allowed the user to follow a journey from the beginning to the end. Following up on the product images, I want the user to feel that every click on each configuration feels tailored to the project.


I believe that these products pages are still on-going with the development agency and that a basic version of the page designs is currently live.





Social Media

RAL is an universal colour range which is used vastly across most industries. This post was about celebrating popular RAL colours.

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By celebrating sport events, I choose colours within each image and highlighted a product which could be purchased at AllFinishes.

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During my time with AllFinishes, they brought in a new supplier and product they wanted to try and promote. I mentioned that I would be able to produce a short video for them using the product for myself, which is fantastic by the way! You can find the link here: Vintage Prestige

At the time I was renovating parts of the kitchen and living room pine doors, so I made a short video of the process.

Short video on an eco-friendly paint brand which was filmed in my local area.